Product News – April 2023


Last updated on May 9, 2023

Lumoa Product News for April 2023

Hey everyone! Lovely seeing you again, back with more exciting Lumoa updates! We have had a doozy of a month, with lots of features that we think will make Lumoa better for you. Let’s get started!

Try the new Impact Page

We are going to be recreating the Impact page in Lumoa. You can try it out right now by logging in to Lumoa, but we wanted to showcase why we are making this change:

  • The new impact page should be faster and more consistent in how it loads

  • Full customization for the page means that you can create dynamic views including charts, topics, specific data, and more

  • In the future, we will be able to release new and exciting tools directly to the new Impact page, in a modular format

We want your feedback on this!

Please let us know what you think of the new page, if something is confusing, if there are things you would change, and we will be sure to listen! You can leave feedback in Lumoa at anytime by using the Give Feedback button, as seen below:

give+feedback - Lumoa

New save a card Modal!

When using the new Impact page above, we have a new way to save a Card. This method cuts down on the amount of options you have to choose at one time. We want it to be easier and faster to save a Card, so that more Users are doing it on data they access regularly.

image - Lumoa

What is “cost per contact” you ask? Great question!

New “Cost per contact” feature

On the new Impact page, you can now apply a numerical value to each feedback. This is primarily used for businesses where customers have fixed price contracts, but there are other cases as well.

  • Set a price per contact – each feedback in Lumoa will be “worth” that many euros

  • As feedbacks flow into Topics, their collective “worth” will increase

  • This gives a tangible impact to Topics – so you can say that last quarter, issues around “customer service” accounted for 10,000 euros in lost revenue

You can read more about cost per calculation, as well as the new process for saving a card, in our knowledge base.

Keyword Suggestions in Beta

What if your Topics could evolve over time, as new feedback comes in? What if they became more accurate, and you could approve or deny changes at the push of a button? Well, now you can!

  • Topics will suggest keywords for themselves, making themselves more accurate over time

  • You can approve or deny keywords at an individual level, or all at once

  • This makes maintenance for Topics hands off and low effort

image - Lumoa

New Invite Process

Users can now invite themselves to Lumoa. All you have to do is turn on “discoverable” while inviting a user, and then you will be granted a link. Cope that link and paste it anywhere – into an email, slack, whatsapp, etc. If someone clicks that link with your companies email domain (such as for us) and they will automagically be invited to Lumoa

image - Lumoa

More information can be found from our knowledge base.

Upcoming webinars

New guides in the Knowledge base to level up your Lumoa experience

We made a few new guides to help get new users to Lumoa up and running, as well as to expand knowledge for veteran users:

Updates to existing guides:

  • Too many! Lots of existing guides are being reworked to fit the new Impact page, so we will have a more comprehensive list next time!

That’s all folks! Thanks for reading!

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