Product News – August 2023


Last updated on September 1, 2023


Lumoa Product News for August 2023

Hey everyone! Lovely seeing you again, back with more exciting Lumoa updates! We have had a doozy of a month, with lots of features that we think will make Lumoa better for you. Let’s get started!

GPT now offers single summaries

Lumoa GPT is the best way to quickly and accurately summarize your data. Our initial launch offered two summaries for your Positive and Negative responses, but we now offer a way to get a single summary covering all feedback for a topic. Check it out below!

neutral+GPt+summary - Lumoa

Feel free to check out our FAQ on Lumoa GPT to learn how you can get started with the next generation tool in feedback analysis!

Actionable Insights just got better

Insights are designed to help you get to the heart of your feedback, showing you trends and data points without you having to dig them out your self.

Our new update to actionable insights:

  • Shows important topics and filters that need some attention

  • Trends for if this Insight has been seen before

  • The relevance when compared to other insights

  • Details the volume of feedback associated with each Insight

In the below example, we can see that our B2C customers are not happy with our Agents Attitude – this is having a negative effect on our scores, and its a new trend that’s accounting for 4 percent of all feedback for this month. Pretty neat!

image - Lumoa

General performance Improvements

Thanks to some helpful customers who beta tested this, we are happy to announce that a rollout was deployed last week to Lumoa that should make everything faster.

This is primarily for loading dashboards with lots of cards and the Impact page with lots of data, though there are lots of other minor performance improvements as well

For those of you who already had this feature turned on in beta, your speeds won’t be changing (because you were already using the performance enhancements), but we are always looking at ways to improve our customers experience. Thanks for understanding!

Upcoming webinars

New guides in the Knowledge base to level up your Lumoa experience ????

We made a few new guides to help get new users to Lumoa up and running, as well as to expand knowledge for veteran users. Note that you will need to be logged in to Lumoa in order to access certain guides:

New articles:

New features:

Other updates:

That’s all folks! Thanks for reading!

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