Exploring B2B CX: Trends, Decision-Making Strategies, and Value Proposition

Curious about the ins and outs of B2B customer experience? Check out this webinar that talks about the latest trends and get the lowdown on decision-making strategies. We'll also guide you through mastering that customer journey.

In this fireside chat, we have Anna-Maija Tanninen, from B2B CX Agency, for a discussion on the Customer Experience in the B2B environment, and its key differences from B2B CX.

Carlos and Anna-Maija will discuss:

  • The latest trends in B2B CX
  • Understanding the key factors that justify the need for CX in this environment
  • Comparing B2B to B2C CX
  • KPIs, measurement, and strategies in C-suite
  • Exploring what influences the decision-making
  • Delivering great value by looking at the whole customer journey