Benchmarking: How to Stand Out in Your Industry

By setting internal or external standards through benchmarking, your business can measure its progress and strive for growth. But how do you approach them? What are the benchmarks for different sectors, and what differentiates the top performers?

Download this webinar, where our experts tackle these topics and share their knowledge to guide you in these areas.

Carlos Del Corral, Co-founder, and CEO of Lumoa will be hosting experts from Watermelon Research – Sian Kerr (Chief Strategy Officer), and CEO Mark Squires (CEO), for a deep dive into industry benchmarking.

During this webinar, Carlos, Sian, and Mark will discuss:

  • The concept of benchmarking and the best approaches to it.
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CSat (Customer Satisfaction) benchmarks in sectors such as Banking, Insurance, Retail, and Utilities based on their research.
  • The distinguishing factors of top-performing businesses.
  • Tactical advice for businesses seeking to improve their performance.