Customer Support and the C-Suite: the good, the bad, and the ugly of a complex relationship

Considered the relationship between Customer Support teams and upper management in the C-Suite. Does it remind you of a Nancy Meyers rom-com, or does it seem more like a Shakespearean drama? In this webinar, Nate Brown delves into the complexities of this relationship and offers several key tips for making it successful. Don't miss out – watch the replay now!

In this webinar, Nate Brown and Fabrizio Trotti discuss the complexities of the relationship between customer support and the c-suite.

Here’s what to expect.

  • Why customer support and C-suite seem to be speaking two different languages.
  • What role do metrics such as NPS and CSat have in sharing information with upper management.
  • How customer support can help build an engine that makes VoC come to life.
  • The role of Employee Experience in customer support teams.
  • When Generative AI can be used and how it can help to strengthen the relationship.