CX in Marketing: How to Amplify ROI by 100X Through Customer Feedback

Ever felt stuck on how to use customer feedback in your marketing? Well then check this one out. Join Suvi Lindfors and Dr. Ghizlane Arifine as they share cool tips on blending marketing with customer experience and enhance your ROI. Curious? Watch the replay and see for yourself!

In this fireside chat, we have Dr. Ghizlane Arifine, for a discussion on the Customer Experience in marketing, and how to amplify your ROI by 100x with customer feedback.

Suvi Lindfors and Dr. Ghizlane will talk about:

  • The typical perception of customer feedback in Marketing and its inherent value
  • Strategies for Marketing to extract 100x more value from customer feedback
  • Real-world case examples of utilizing customer feedback in marketing initiatives
  • The importance of privacy and GDPR in handling customer feedback
  • Next steps: Practical advice on getting started with these strategies