What’s happening in Customer Experience for Telecom companies

In this panel packed with telcos expertise, we look at key challenges and trends in customer experience as telecom companies enter 2023.

Lumoa hosted a panel to discuss what is happening in customer experience for telecom companies.

Join CX professionals with experience at companies such as A1 Telekom Austria, Fibrus, and Telia to hear about the most recent trends and challenges for telecoms when it comes to offering great experiences to their customers.

Fabrizio Trotti from Lumoa moderates the conversation with a panel full of telecoms expertise:

  • Ana Simic, Managing Director at DAIN Studio Austria – previously Head of Customer Engagement and Head of Marketing at A1 Telekom Austria Group
  • Suvi Lindfors, Co-Founder at Lumoa – previously Customer Experience and Customer Insights at both Telia, Microsoft, and Nokia
  • Stephen Riley, Head of Customer Service Operations at Fibrus

The panel discusses:

  • The role of CX in telecoms entering 2023
  • The key focus for telecoms as the World is going through multiple challenges
  • The importance of integrating CX strategy into the broader business strategy
  • The data points and data sources at different stages of the customer journey that provide most valuable insights
  • The things to consider when taking actions from insights and valuable use cases

About the speakers

Ana Simic – Ana is Managing Director at DAIN Studio Austria where she helps companies with their AI and digital strategies. Her background is in marketing and customer engagement, and she has covered managerial positions at A1 Telekom Austria with direct ownership of those areas.

Suvi Lindfors – Suvi has a vast knowledge and expertise in both Customer Experience and Customer Insights management, having spent more than 10 years in related roles at Telia, Nokia, and Microsoft. She is now co-founder of Lumoa, the customer feedback analytics solution that looks at any interaction with customers to tell you what to do next to grow your business.

Stephen Riley – Stephen has a strong background in Customer Experience, Customer Service Management and Service Delivery. He is now Head of Customer Service Operations at Fibrus and has previously work for more than 10 years in the telecoms industry, helping to identify and fix gaps that contributed to a poor experience for the customers.