Debunking Myths and Unleashing the Power of GPT in Customer Experience

The growing importance of Large Language Models like GPT in customer experience cannot be overstated. But is it everything you need to solve all your business problems?

Join us for this fireside chat webinar, where our experts debunk the myths around GPT, and help you identify specific use cases for these technologies to grow your business.

Carlos Del Corral, Co-founder, and CEO of Lumoa, will host Craig Stoss, Director of CX Services at Partner Hero, for a discussion on the challenges and opportunities of implementing LLMs like GPT in customer experience initiatives.

During this fireside chat, Craig and Carlos will discuss:

  • Common misconceptions about Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT
  • The limitations of GPT and the importance of relying on platforms that use these models
  • How to talk about LLMs inside the company
  • The role of human expertise in identifying use cases for LLMs