Redesigning CX programs: Enhancing the Way We Listen, Analyze, and Engage with Customers

Itching to get more insights when your customers are not really giving you enough? Let us help you find out why and solve it together as we dig deep into the transformative changes in customer experience (CX) over the past five years, check out insights on evolving trends, analytics shifts, and strategies for future success.

In this event, we have Lars Johannsen from Feedback Lab, for a discussion on how to enhance and redesign your current CX programs!

Suvi Lindfors and Lars will talk about:

  •  The Evolution of Customer Experience: Including a Foundational Overview and the Same Set-Up from 5 Years Ago.
  •  Pioneering the Shift in CX Analytics: From Worst to Thirst, Including Key Changes and the Power of Text Analytics.
  •  Why the Future of CX is Brighter: The Redesign Initiative, Including Feedback’s Impact on Revenue, Relevance, and Real Change.
  •  Navigating the Transformation: Including Challenges, Preparations, and First Steps to Becoming #1 in the Industry.