The Role of Customer Support in CX: Leverage Customer Insights, Customer Journeys and more.

Curious about transforming your Customer Support into a CX powerhouse? Explore the crucial role of Customer Support in CX with experts Suvi Lindfors and Tue Søttrup. From solving resource constraints and manual tagging to leveraging GPT in customer interactions. Start unlocking strategies to enhance customer journeys and make your insights actionable. Watch the replay now!

In this online masterclass, we have Tue Søttrup from Dixa, to talk about the significance of Customer Support in Customer Experience, and how to effectively leverage customer insights, enhance customer journeys, and of course, a glimpse into the future of CS. 

Suvi and Tue will be with you to discuss:

  • How to turn insights into action (because we all love a good game plan!)
  • The real deal about manual tagging (spoiler: it’s a mixed bag)
  • The Contact drivers and their impact
  • Routing hacks for a smoother customer journey

Before the end of the video, Tue will also share his thoughts about the future of Generative AIs in customer support.