Three things to consider when establishing a CX practice

Your company wants to leverage customer experience as a driver for growth (great choice!), and you have taken responsibility for it. But where to start from?

Should you hire people, set up processes, and send out surveys? What will you measure and how will you know if CX really does drive growth? How can you ensure that what you do stays relevant after the initial excitement disappears?

No need to worry, we got you covered.

Join Carlos Del Corral as he sits down with Joanna Carr to discuss 3 things to consider when establishing a CX practice. Some of the things they discuss:

  • Examine what a CX practice is and when it becomes relevant for companies
  • Reinforce the need to look at the broader business strategy and goals first
  • Look at how to build a mandate for CX that everyone can buy into
  • Share 3 things to take care of when getting started with CX