Why are we still talking about CX in Financial Services?

Our panel of experts will discuss the current trends affecting customer service in financial services, as well as provide strategies you can implement to ensure your organization continues to offer excellent customer experiences even in tough times.

Is there “CX Fatigue” in your company? Have you even started talking about it yet? Is your company skeptical about its relevance in 2023?

After all, Customer Experience as a topic has been around for decades, and particularly in Financial Services, there are certainly more pressing matters to dedicate investments and attention to.

Richard Jeffreys will be deep diving into why CX must remain top-of-mind for Financial Services companies, and he will do so with the help of CX and FS professionals:

  • Ekaterina Mamonova, Global Lead of CX and Marketing at Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty
  • Sarah Patel, Customer Success Expert (former Finastra)
  • Jeremy Payne, Global Operational Lead for FX & Securities at OSTTRA

Together, they will:

  • Discuss why it is important for Financial Services companies to focus on CX now that all signs point to a recession
  • Share how to make the case for CX in Financial Services now that pressures are mounting
  • Look at how to turn the beautiful CX idea into a reality
  • Explore how CX will develop in 2023 (and beyond) for the Financial Services industry