Closing the loop with Lumoa Insights
customer insights
23 Sep 2022

Occasionally, you might get a feeling about your customers’ dissatisfaction with your latest line of products. However, you may not be able to fully understand the complaints. Or perhaps a mobile app that has recently been updated seems to have some issues, but you aren’t sure how to address them. Sadly, these problems may take too long to be solved. Worse, it may not even be addressed until another issue surfaces again.

Recently, Lumoa organized a webinar about Insights where we talked about the challenges in identifying emerging trends, root causes, and how to properly close the loop with your customers.

This interactive infographic presents excerpts from a webinar in which Garen (Product Marketing Mgr.) explains how Lumoa customer insights analysis can show EXACTLY what the customers are saying, conduct a root cause analysis, and identify the best way to close the loop with customers.

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How to close the loop