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NPS Benchmarks in Europe

In this report, you will find NPS Benchmarks in Europe, with NPS (Net Promoter Score) Industry Averages and NPS leaders according to consumers. By the way, did you know that over 65% of companies are measuring CX with Net Promoter Score? If you are one of those, this is the report for you.

Net Promoter Score Facts

In this infographic, we have collected a few useful Net Promoter Score facts that will help you get started with NPS. You will learn: How to formulate the Net Promoter Score survey What to consider when measuring your NPS How successful businesses use Net Promoter Score to make business decisions

Guide to Net Promoter Score

With our guide to Net Promoter Score you can master NPS and Customer Experience. This guide will help you to: Understand the fundamentals of NPS Increase NPS survey responses Avoid common NPS mistakes Use Net Promoter Score benchmarks across different industries See how a real company has doubled their NPS score in 6 months