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What is tNPS? Understanding Transactional NPS

Consumers today are more vocal than ever, and they’re not afraid to voice their opinions. Moreover, to successfully navigate today’s highly competitive landscape, businesses must understand exactly what customers think of them – and that means diving deep into customer experience data.  One tool businesses can use to capture valuable insights is the transactional Net […]

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2 Jan 2023
What is a good Net Promoter Score?

Calculate your perfect Net Promoter Score. Find answers to the popular questions: Should you aim for the score of 100? Should you compare the scores to your competitors? Learn how to establish clear targets for your next Net Promoter campaign, benchmark and set up priorities.

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16 Sep 2022
How to Set Industry NPS Benchmarks and Why It Matters

You need more than a generic range to understand if your NPS score is good. Learn how to set industry NPS benchmarks and why you should have them now.

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8 Apr 2022
10 Most Relevant NPS Software Platforms

Looking for the right Net Promoter Score software tools and dashboards? We out together a list of the top NPS software providers and reviewed each of them. Find out the right customer feedback software for your needs.

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12 Jan 2022
How to Turn NPS Detractors Into Promoters

Unhappy customers can potentially damage your business. But studies show that 70% of complaining customers will return if their complaints are addressed, and up to 95% will return if their complaints are resolved quickly. Learn how you can turn your detractors into promoters.

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3 Jan 2022
Guide on How to Measure Customer Loyalty

Measuring customer loyalty can be done in a number of different ways. NPS, customer lifetime value, and customer loyalty index are a few ways to measure customer loyalty.

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8 Sep 2020
Net Promoter Score In A Nutshell [infographic]

Understand what the Net Promoter Score is all about from this infographic. Learn how to ask, analyze and use NPS in the decision-making processes better. Check the real business case studies and best NPS tips from the experts.

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10 Aug 2018
We Asked 30 CX Influencers if They Would Recommend the Net Promoter System

If you’re thinking whether you should implement NPS or not, check this! All the recent critics and praise of NPS are under one survey, whether the world-leading experts of Customer Experience would recommend the Net Promoter Score to their colleagues.

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24 Apr 2018
How to Improve Net Promoter Score: The Complete Guide

What is NPS? Learn more about the Net Promoter Score and find out how NPS can benefit your company: how to collect NPS to best practices, benchmarks and case studies.

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3 Apr 2018
7 Ways to Increase Response Rate of NPS Surveys

Do you measure Net Promoter Score but the response rates are too low? Use these 7 techniques to increase your response rates to customer surveys and understand what customers are saying about you.

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21 Sep 2017
7 Common Net Promoter Score Problems & Mistakes

Find out what are the most common mistakes and challenges when measuring Net Promoter Score. Learn how to avoid them, when to ask for feedback, how to deal with promoters and detractors and spread the results across your whole organization.

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24 Jul 2017
4 Reasons Why You Should Use Net Promoter Score

How to choose a customer experience metric? Should it be Net Promoter Score, CSAT or CES? What’re the differences between them? What works better? Look no more. Net Promoter Score is not only a simple and easy choice, but will give you better insights in long-term. Find out why.

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12 May 2017