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Medallia vs. Qualtrics vs. Lumoa: A Buyer’s Guide

Every interaction with your business has the power to build or damage the relationship with your customer – and can directly impact your revenue. 78% of customers have backed out of a purchase due to a poor customer experience (CX).  The pressure is rising for businesses to step up their CX game. More than 80% of […]

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29 Apr 2024
Voice of Customer Data Analytics: What, Why, and How to Do It

Voice of Customer (VoC) is not a new concept. It’s a strategy that many companies have used for years to understand and prioritize customer needs. However, how VoC data is collected, analyzed, and acted upon has changed. Companies are finding that innovative technologies can make collecting voice of customer analytics more effortless than ever—and these […]

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16 Dec 2022
The State of the Shopping Apps Report for 2022

In our State of the Shopping Apps report, we explore the performance of the top ecommerce apps on Android and iOS based on customer feedback.

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20 May 2022
How to Use Customer Feedback to Drive Action

Collecting reviews is crucial, but learning how to use customer feedback is a completely different process. Learn how customer feedback can drive action in this blog post.

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3 Jun 2022
Emerging Customer Experience Trends in 2023

Prepare for the new and emerging trends in the world of customer experience. We have listed seven emerging customer experience trends for 2021 you should be aware of.

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8 Nov 2022
What is Voice Feedback and How can You Generate Customer Insights From it?

What is voice feedback? With modern technologies available today, such as speech-to-text and artificial intelligence it’s possible to automatically generate insights from calls. In this article, we’ll explain what voice feedback is and how to generate customer insights from it.

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14 Apr 2020