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CEO Buy-Ins and How You can Effectively Sell CX in Your Organization Have you ever felt like you're just one step away from really nailing customer experience (CX), but something's missing? It's like having all the right ingredients but not quite the recipe. That missing piece? CEO buy-in. Learn a thing or two when it comes to CEO buy-ins and their significance to a better customer experience (CX).
Transforming Customer Experience in Retail: From Insights to Actionable Metrics and Back Curious about transforming customer feedback into your next big win? Join CX experts as they go deep into the secrets of CX in the retail world. From gaining executive buy-in to turning insights into action, this session is packed with real-world strategies.
Little things in Customer Experience: How minor efforts can lead to memorable experiences From the subtle art of 'The Little Things' to leveraging 'Techy Touches,' this session dives deep into creating memorable customer interactions and fostering a positive employee culture. Join Lumoa's CEO and co-founder Carlos Del Corral and CX guru, author & influencer, Dan Gingiss, as they explore practical strategies for refining every aspect of small details that can transform your business! This replay offers an exclusive insight into the often-overlooked elements that can significantly enhance your customer experience.
CX in Marketing: How to Amplify ROI by 100X Through Customer Feedback Ever felt stuck on how to use customer feedback in your marketing? Well then check this one out. Join Suvi Lindfors and Dr. Ghizlane Arifine as they share cool tips on blending marketing with customer experience and enhance your ROI. Curious? Watch the replay and see for yourself!
Customer Support: Using insights to hear your customers, engage your employees and improve your profits Learn how to utilize customer insights in customer support with Richard Jeffreys, CX expert and founder of CX All.