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How to Analyse Support Conversations at Scale: GPT + Lumoa CX Platform in Action You know how painful it is to try and analyse conversations at scale for a support centre! Why are people calling? How does the interaction with our agents impact how customers feel? What can we do to reduce the number of conversations?
Exploring B2B CX: Trends, Decision-Making Strategies, and Value Proposition Curious about the ins and outs of B2B customer experience? Check out this webinar that talks about the latest trends and get the lowdown on decision-making strategies. We'll also guide you through mastering that customer journey.
Leveraging customer experience analytics for improved reporting Explore Lumoa's webinar on leveraging CX analytics. Learn strategies for our Impact page, shareable Views, Widgets, and GPT summaries.
How can we use the science of happiness in CX? The role of human emotions and happiness in customer experience is often overlooked, yet it holds significant potential for shaping sustainable competitive advantage. How can we leverage the science of happiness to enhance CX initiatives?
Benchmarking: How to Stand Out in Your Industry By setting internal or external standards through benchmarking, your business can measure its progress and strive for growth. But how do you approach them? What are the benchmarks for different sectors, and what differentiates the top performers?
Redefining Corporate Landscapes: AI like GPT in C-Level Decision Making Many companies claim they are integrating AI into their operations, but how many are actually doing it effectively?
Debunking Myths and Unleashing the Power of GPT in Customer Experience The growing importance of Large Language Models like GPT in customer experience cannot be overstated. But is it everything you need to solve all your business problems?
Lumoa + GPT Demo What does Lumoa look like with an integrated GPT? Let's find out! Watch this demo showcasing Lumoa with an integrated GPT, where we show concrete use cases, real-time issue pinpointing, and exciting future developments.
Customer-centric culture: what it is and how you create one Have you ever wondered if your organization truly has a customer-first culture? Discover the importance of a CX culture and how to promote it in practice, with real-life examples and tips from the pros.
Map the customer journey with Lumoa The customer journey - every good business has one. But how many businesses are tracking their customers as they flow through this journey?
AI in Customer Experience: Finding the Right Balance for Optimal Outcomes Have you been wondering about the influence of large language models like GPT on customer experience? Do you want to learn more about the opportunities and challenges it presents, and how you can use it to your advantage?
The future of customer surveys (and how to prepare for it) Join Carlos Del Corral as he sits down with Peter Verheijde to discuss the future of customer surveys and how to prepare for it.
Building relationships across departments to prepare for CX success Suvi Lindfors will host Ian Golding and Edwin Best to discuss the importance of building relationships across departments to prepare for CX success.
What telcos can learn about CX from other industries (and the other way around) Join Carlos del Corral as he sits down with Merete Medle to talk about what telcos can learn about CX from other industries - and the other way around.
Three things to consider when establishing a CX practice Your company wants to leverage customer experience as a driver for growth (great choice!), and you have taken responsibility for it. But where to start from?
How to get insights from conversations with your customers Garen Di Bernardo, Product Marketing Manager at Lumoa, introduces you to the new and revamped conversation analytics capabilities of Lumoa.
Why are we still talking about CX in Financial Services? Our panel of experts will discuss the current trends affecting customer service in financial services, as well as provide strategies you can implement to ensure your organization continues to offer excellent customer experiences even in tough times.
How to re-energize your VoC programme Join Carlos del Corral as he sits down with Mark Barrett and Sian Kerr from Watermelon research to discuss how to assess and re-energize your VoC programme.
How to use public reviews to improve customer experience In this webinar, we show how it is possible to leverage public reviews and open text comments to take action and improve the overall customer experience.
What’s happening in Customer Experience for Telecom companies In this panel packed with telcos expertise, we look at key challenges and trends in customer experience as telecom companies enter 2023.
Is CX broken? And what you can do about it .. In this fireside chat, Carlos del Corral and Kati Packalén tap into their CX expertise to discuss whether CX is broken, and what you can do about it.
How to use customer insights to close the loop with your customers In this webinar, we look at how to use Lumoa insights to identify exactly what your customers are saying that is affecting their experience.
How to Get Started with Customer Centricity Check out this webinar with Mika Raulas (Roger Studio) to learn from concrete examples what are the most important steps in building customer-centric operations and culture in your organisation.
Using Customer Feedback to Drive Action Join Matthieu Bonelli, founder at CXMania and former Zalando and Casper, to learn how to use customer feedback to drive improvements your customers will love.
Customer Success 101: SaaS Startup’s Secret To Growth Want to hear Customer Success stories and best practices from the Customer Success Heroes? Download the webinar and find out how customer success can influence a startup!
Surveys: How to avoid pitfalls and take advantage of AI Watch the webinar together with Matthieu Bonelli, CX coach at CXMania, to learn how to use surveys to drive customer centricity and get actionable insights to support your decision making.
Why CX Is Vital To Your Organization We chat with Gerardo Laino, Head of Customer Experience at Parques Reunidos, one of the leading and fastest-growing leisure park operators, with over 60 parks throughout the world.
Customer Agency & Lumoa: B2B Customer Experience In The Nordics Learn what are the latest trends in business-to-business customer experience management and find out about the best practices in the field from the experts!
Customer centricity, a necessity or an option? Download and listen to our webinar to learn how and why to build and spread customer-obsessed culture and practices in your company.
Marketing Clinic & Lumoa: Customer Experience Benchmarks In The Nordics Marketing Clinic and Lumoa are joining forces to host a live discussion on the state of Customer Experience in the Nordics. Watch the free webinar as we share valuable insights, up-to-date facts and essential information while answering your most burning questions.
Turn Unhappy Customers into Opportunities Learn how to build a successful Customer Experience Management (CXM) strategy and to avoid common mistakes when working with customer feedback.