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What telcos can learn about CX from other industries (and the other way around) Join Carlos del Corral as he sits down with Merete Medle to talk about what telcos can learn about CX from other industries - and the other way around.
Three things to consider when establishing a CX practice Your company wants to leverage customer experience as a driver for growth (great choice!), and you have taken responsibility for it. But where to start from?
How to get insights from conversations with your customers Garen Di Bernardo, Product Marketing Manager at Lumoa, introduces you to the new and revamped conversation analytics capabilities of Lumoa.
Why are we still talking about CX in Financial Services? Our panel of experts will discuss the current trends affecting customer service in financial services, as well as provide strategies you can implement to ensure your organization continues to offer excellent customer experiences even in tough times.
How to re-energize your VoC programme Join Carlos del Corral as he sits down with Mark Barrett and Sian Kerr from Watermelon research to discuss how to assess and re-energize your VoC programme.
How to use public reviews to improve customer experience In this webinar, we show how it is possible to leverage public reviews and open text comments to take action and improve the overall customer experience.
What’s happening in Customer Experience for Telecom companies In this panel packed with telcos expertise, we look at key challenges and trends in customer experience as telecom companies enter 2023.
Is CX broken? And what you can do about it .. In this fireside chat, Carlos del Corral and Kati Packalén tap into their CX expertise to discuss whether CX is broken, and what you can do about it.
How to use customer insights to close the loop with your customers In this webinar, we look at how to use Lumoa insights to identify exactly what your customers are saying that is affecting their experience.
How to Get Started with Customer Centricity Check out this webinar with Mika Raulas (Roger Studio) to learn from concrete examples what are the most important steps in building customer-centric operations and culture in your organisation.