Mastering Customer Feedback Strategy: Essential Steps to Enhance Your Business and Service Quality

Customer feedback is a direct line to how your customers feel about your organization, its products and services. It’s one thing to believe your products are the best in the business, but if they’re not meeting your customer’s needs, you might as well be selling pie in the sky. Customer feedback analytics are invaluable to […]

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14 May 2024
Lumoa and GPT: How Lumoa Complements GPT for Actionable Insights

Recently, we did a study at Lumoa on the state of AI in Customer Experience and found out that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has quickly become a core component of improving customer experience (CX), especially in service industries. The uptake of AI in customer experience is very visible in its use across diverse industries, from manufacturing […]

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29 Apr 2024
Medallia vs. Qualtrics vs. Lumoa: A Buyer’s Guide

Every interaction with your business has the power to build or damage the relationship with your customer – and can directly impact your revenue. 78% of customers have backed out of a purchase due to a poor customer experience (CX).  The pressure is rising for businesses to step up their CX game. More than 80% of […]

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29 Apr 2024

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6 Most Popular Customer Experience Metrics and KPIs Explained Simply

Find out how to work with the most popular Customer Experience metrics and KPIs. Understand if you should collect NPS, CSAT or CES (or maybe all?). Find out the value of customer retention and the threat of churn.

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8 Apr 2022
Net Promoter Score In A Nutshell [infographic]

Understand what the Net Promoter Score is all about from this infographic. Learn how to ask, analyze and use NPS in the decision-making processes better. Check the real business case studies and best NPS tips from the experts.

Net Promoter Score
10 Aug 2018
Customer Experience Challenges According to 15 CX Experts

We gathered 15 Customer Experience experts to talk about the latest trends of customer experience in the near future and avoid common challenges. Some hints: big data, omnichannel communications, personalisation, AI and customer-obsessed culture. Make the future of customer experience present in your company already now. 

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31 Oct 2018
EP 2: Inside CX by Lumoa – Democratization of CX and the importance of diversity

In episode 2, we are joined by Merete Medle, Customer Experience Manager at ICE Norway. We talk about democratizing customer experience in organizations and the importance of being able to offer diverse experiences.

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23 Jun 2021
4 Ways to Deal with Negative Customer Feedback

Read about 4 new ways to deal with negative customer feedback and unhappy customers on strategic level. Find out how to address customer feedback quickly and efficiently and encourage customer feedback from your promoters and detractors.

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19 Jun 2018
Lumoa raises €650 000 seed funding to take AI-powered customer experience analytics to the new markets

Finnish SaaS company Lumoa, which provides AI-powered customer experience analytics software for medium and large sized companies across the Nordics, has announced €650 000 in funding. The investment was led by, along with serial entrepreneur Ali Omar and Business Finland.

5 Jun 2018
5 steps to turn an unhappy customer into your greatest advocate

Find how to deal with negative feedback and your upset customers, learn to turn your detractors into your greatest advocates and promoters.

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5 Jun 2018
What Roles Should be Responsible for Customer Experience?

The answer to the popular and essential question: who is responsible for customer experience? In short, everyone is. Find out what are the organizational roles in customer experience management of product, sales, development, finance, HR and most importantly, top leadership of your company.

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21 May 2018
We Asked 30 CX Influencers if They Would Recommend the Net Promoter System

If you’re thinking whether you should implement NPS or not, check this! All the recent critics and praise of NPS are under one survey, whether the world-leading experts of Customer Experience would recommend the Net Promoter Score to their colleagues.

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24 Apr 2018