Building Relationships Across Departments for Customer Experience Success

Relationships between customers and brands are the foundation of customer experience (CX) success. To ensure that customer experience is successful, companies must focus on creating strong relationships- by understanding customer needs and providing exceptional service. So how do you ensure that all your customer experience (CX) initiatives are successful? In this article, Here are some […]

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6 Apr 2023
Sentiment Analysis on Customer Feedback: A Guide to Enhance Customer Experience

In the highly competitive world of business, understanding and enhancing the customer experience is of paramount importance. By leveraging sentiment analysis on customer feedback, businesses can understand and dig deep into the emotions of their customers, allowing them to identify and address pressing concerns, and fine-tune their products and services. As a result, organizations can […]

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9 May 2023
The Benefits of Customer Profile Analysis for Business Growth

For a business to flourish, it has to understand its customers well enough to market effectively to them. One of the best ways to do that is through a customer profile analysis. Simply put, this process closely examines current and potential customers’ characteristics, traits, and preferences. Analyzing such data helps businesses learn the ins and […]

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4 Apr 2023

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60 Inspirational Customer Experience Quotes

Get inspired by these 60 customer experience quotes from well-known leaders and motivate your team to become more customer-focused.

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25 Aug 2020
4 Ways To Boost Your ECommerce Customer Experience

eCommerce customer experience is vital for online businesses that want to ensure a smooth online experience for their customers. We share 4 ways to boost your eCommerce customer experience that will increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Customer Experience
9 Jun 2020
How to Justify a CX Program to Your CEO

Many feel like they face an uphill battle when trying to justify a customer experience program to a CEO. Here are a few ways that you can show the value of CX and make it easier for your CEO to get on board with it.

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20 May 2020
How to Build Your Voice of the Customer Program?

Businesses use voice of the customer programs to gather essential input for setting design specifications for products or services. It can also act as a springboard for future innovations. The goal of VoC is to give businesses a detailed understanding of what the customers’ needs and wants are.

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11 May 2020
5 Ways to Improve Digital Customer Experience

Digital customer experience is the online experience and the journey your customers go through while interacting with your brand. As a result of increased usage of digital technology, customers’ expectations of digital services are higher than ever – making the digital customer experience more important than ever.

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28 Apr 2020
B2B Customer Surveys 101

Conducting B2B customer surveys is for many a struggle. There are two major problems that B2B surveys often experience; not able to collect enough responses and hard to act on the feedback. Learn how to overcome these typical B2B survey problems.

23 Apr 2020
What is Voice Feedback and How can You Generate Customer Insights From it?

What is voice feedback? With modern technologies available today, such as speech-to-text and artificial intelligence it’s possible to automatically generate insights from calls. In this article, we’ll explain what voice feedback is and how to generate customer insights from it.

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14 Apr 2020
How to Create a Customer Insight Strategy

A customer insight strategy help organizations to ensure that customer insights are used in the development of products and services on a continuous basis.

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1 Apr 2020
7 Ways to Allocate Customer Experience Resources More Wisely

When money is tight and businesses are going through hard times, how can a business properly manage their customer experience management (CXM) resources wisely? We’ll share everything you should know about allocating and managing your customer experience program when times are tough.

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20 Mar 2020