Mastering Customer Feedback Strategy: Essential Steps to Enhance Your Business and Service Quality

Customer feedback is a direct line to how your customers feel about your organization, its products and services. It’s one thing to believe your products are the best in the business, but if they’re not meeting your customer’s needs, you might as well be selling pie in the sky. Customer feedback analytics are invaluable to […]

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14 May 2024
Lumoa and GPT: How Lumoa Complements GPT for Actionable Insights

Recently, we did a study at Lumoa on the state of AI in Customer Experience and found out that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has quickly become a core component of improving customer experience (CX), especially in service industries. The uptake of AI in customer experience is very visible in its use across diverse industries, from manufacturing […]

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29 Apr 2024
Medallia vs. Qualtrics vs. Lumoa: A Buyer’s Guide

Every interaction with your business has the power to build or damage the relationship with your customer – and can directly impact your revenue. 78% of customers have backed out of a purchase due to a poor customer experience (CX).  The pressure is rising for businesses to step up their CX game. More than 80% of […]

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29 Apr 2024

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Do you measure Net Promoter Score but the response rates are too low? Use these 7 techniques to increase your response rates to customer surveys and understand what customers are saying about you.

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21 Sep 2017
7 Common Net Promoter Score Problems & Mistakes

Find out what are the most common mistakes and challenges when measuring Net Promoter Score. Learn how to avoid them, when to ask for feedback, how to deal with promoters and detractors and spread the results across your whole organization.

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Customer Experience Goals: 5 Do’s and Don’ts

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22 Jun 2017
Our way to a better world: Interview with the Lumoa Team

We shared our greatest startup ambitions and goals, achievements and failures after 9 months of working together. Learn what startup life really means to us and how we see Lumoa in many years.

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7 Jun 2017
4 Reasons Why You Should Use Net Promoter Score

How to choose a customer experience metric? Should it be Net Promoter Score, CSAT or CES? What’re the differences between them? What works better? Look no more. Net Promoter Score is not only a simple and easy choice, but will give you better insights in long-term. Find out why.

Net Promoter Score
12 May 2017