The Definitive Guide to Creating a Standout Customer Experience Strategy

The customer is a mysterious creature. Just ask any business owner. Deciphering the wants and needs of your customers is essential for sustainable, long-term success. For a company to grow, it needs to convert one-off customers into regular patrons. And the only way to keep them coming back for more is to provide a customer […]

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12 Sep 2023
How to Analyze Survey Results: A Guide to Mastering Customer Feedback Analysis

Effectively analyzing survey results can provide numerous benefits, such as enhanced customer satisfaction, increased sales, and improved brand loyalty. By understanding the key insights hidden within your survey data, you can address specific customer concerns, tailor your products and services to meet their needs and stay ahead of the competition. Unlocking the power of VoC […]

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9 Aug 2023
Customer Experience Digitization: 7 Strategies to Get The Best Results

Key Drivers of Successful Customer Experience Digitization Today, businesses must continually evolve to address the needs of their customers. Embracing new technology solutions and digitizing customer experience has become a crucial part of this evolution. It is no longer a competitive advantage but a necessity. If you’re wondering how to get started with your digital […]

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18 Jul 2023

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Text Feedback in Multiple Languages: 5 Ways to Fail (and How to Succeed)

Analyze customer feedback in multiple languages. Don’t just ignore the voice of your customer, ask for text feedback in all the languages your customers speak. Learn which mistakes to avoid and check how text analytics can help you with translations.

Customer Feedback
18 Aug 2017
7 Common Net Promoter Score Problems & Mistakes

Find out what are the most common mistakes and challenges when measuring Net Promoter Score. Learn how to avoid them, when to ask for feedback, how to deal with promoters and detractors and spread the results across your whole organization.

Net Promoter Score
24 Jul 2017
Customer Experience Goals: 5 Do’s and Don’ts

How to set up clear customer experience goals, objectives and targets for the company to follow? Find out about the most common mistakes when setting strategy and learn how to avoid them.

Customer Experience
22 Jun 2017
Our way to a better world: Interview with the Lumoa Team

We shared our greatest startup ambitions and goals, achievements and failures after 9 months of working together. Learn what startup life really means to us and how we see Lumoa in many years.

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7 Jun 2017
4 Reasons Why You Should Use Net Promoter Score

How to choose a customer experience metric? Should it be Net Promoter Score, CSAT or CES? What’re the differences between them? What works better? Look no more. Net Promoter Score is not only a simple and easy choice, but will give you better insights in long-term. Find out why.

Net Promoter Score
12 May 2017