Creating an Action Plan For Your Customer Feedback Strategy

Customer feedback is a direct line to how your consumer base feels about your business and its products. It’s invaluable information that enables you to address problems, make changes where necessary, and give your customers more of what they love. How customers react to your products and services is vital data, but it’s only accessible […]

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10 Mar 2023
How to get Insights from Customer Conversations

Every company wants to know what its customers think of its product- but few think of simply asking them directly. Conversations with customers are the ideal way to get valuable insight and feedback into an organization’s performance. It allows companies to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses and work on these issues quickly and flexibly.   Garen […]

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7 Mar 2023
The Power of Customer Empathy in Supercharging Your Customer Experience

Customer empathy allows you as a business to solve problems faster, create stronger bonds and get better insights from your customers.

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9 Mar 2023

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If you can’t understand it, you can’t manage it

You might find that collecting customer feedback is simple, but it doesn’t bring you meaningful insights that you can use for your business straight-ahead. Find out about the modern customer feedback text analytics that will solve your problem.

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3 Apr 2017
Want to retain your customers? A true story of what not to do

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22 Mar 2017