Amplify Customer Experience in Retail with Conversational AI

The Ecommerce industry has seen an impressive development in recent years. Not only are online retailers enjoying massive revenue from their customers (expected to be over $6 trillion in 2022), but the platforms themselves are also becoming increasingly sophisticated. Now, technologies such as AI and machine learning are driving highly personalized customer experiences. They can […]

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30 Nov 2022
Evolution of Customer Experience in E-Commerce 2023

The evolution of customer experience in e-commerce has grown exponentially since the pandemic making customer experience more important than ever. Customers search for easy shopping solutions on clear, engaging websites. In the past two years, we’ve seen a massive surge in online shopping, from tech products to fashion items. E-commerce sales are now projected to […]

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18 Nov 2022
What is the role of customer experience in the telecoms industry entering 2023?

Recently, Lumoa held a webinar where customer experience (CX) experts talked about the role of customer experience in the telecoms industry entering 2023. In this live panel discussion, experts in the field discussed the challenges telcos are facing, the importance of integrating a CX Strategy into a business, and more. This blog will share some […]

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2 Nov 2022

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Average Survey Response Rate You Should Aim For

Setting the right survey response benchmarks can define the success of your customer experience management efforts. Learn which benchmarks you need to set.

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24 Mar 2022
7 Ways to Use Customer Feedback in Marketing

Using customer feedback in marketing is essential to any marketing team. Read about 7 ways you can do that effectively.

Customer Feedback
11 Mar 2022
What is Voice of the Customer? [+ how to get data analysis]

It can be challenging to get an overview of your voice of customer sources when the data is stored in different tools and platforms. Are customers talking or complaining about the same things? or is it different? and if it is, what do they talk about? In this article, we’ll share our best tips on how to overcome this challenge.

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28 Jan 2022
10 Most Relevant NPS Software Platforms

Looking for the right Net Promoter Score software tools and dashboards? We out together a list of the top NPS software providers and reviewed each of them. Find out the right customer feedback software for your needs.

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12 Jan 2022
How to Turn NPS Detractors Into Promoters

Unhappy customers can potentially damage your business. But studies show that 70% of complaining customers will return if their complaints are addressed, and up to 95% will return if their complaints are resolved quickly. Learn how you can turn your detractors into promoters.

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3 Jan 2022
Business Value and ROI of Customer Experience: The Step-by-step Guide

Understand how changes in customer experience drive changes in customer behaviour and how that translates to financial measures – to revenue and profits.

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30 Nov 2021
Lumoa x Slush 2021

Chat with Lumoa at Slush Built from the ground up with AI, Lumoa allows you to make faster, smarter, and the right decisions based on the Voice of the Customer. Fill out the form below to book a time to meet Lumoa at Slush on 1-2 December.   What is Slush? Slush is a student-driven, […]

19 Nov 2021
Introduction to Customer Experience Design

CX design helps organizations act more customer-focused, which in turn promotes decisions that empower, engage, and enlighten customers.

Customer Experiencecustomer insights
10 Nov 2021
What is Digital Experience?

As customer interactions become primarily digital, the quality of these digital impressions has a defining impact on your overall customer experience. But what is a digital experience, and how does it differ from a digital customer experience?

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7 Oct 2021