The Definitive Guide to Creating a Standout Customer Experience Strategy

The customer is a mysterious creature. Just ask any business owner. Deciphering the wants and needs of your customers is essential for sustainable, long-term success. For a company to grow, it needs to convert one-off customers into regular patrons. And the only way to keep them coming back for more is to provide a customer […]

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12 Sep 2023
How to Analyze Survey Results: A Guide to Mastering Customer Feedback Analysis

Effectively analyzing survey results can provide numerous benefits, such as enhanced customer satisfaction, increased sales, and improved brand loyalty. By understanding the key insights hidden within your survey data, you can address specific customer concerns, tailor your products and services to meet their needs and stay ahead of the competition. Unlocking the power of VoC […]

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9 Aug 2023
Customer Experience Digitization: 7 Strategies to Get The Best Results

Key Drivers of Successful Customer Experience Digitization Today, businesses must continually evolve to address the needs of their customers. Embracing new technology solutions and digitizing customer experience has become a crucial part of this evolution. It is no longer a competitive advantage but a necessity. If you’re wondering how to get started with your digital […]

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18 Jul 2023

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How to Create a Voice of Customer Template for Your Business

It’s important for your business to understand your customers. You need to know how they use your products or services and what they expect from you. Using a customer needs analysis and setting up a feedback loop are the key ways to make this happen. You probably know this. But where do you start? One […]

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17 Feb 2023
A to Z Guide to Customer Experience Definitions and Terms

Building a customer experience strategy? This glossary explains most popular terms and definitions used by top customer experience and customer success masters, and gives hands-on tips to use them.

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10 Feb 2023
What is Voice of the Customer: Surveys, Feedback and Research Practices

It can be challenging to get an overview of your voice of customer sources when the data is stored in different tools and platforms. Are customers talking or complaining about the same things? or is it different? and if it is, what do they talk about? In this article, we’ll share our best tips on how to overcome this challenge.

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8 Feb 2023
Customer Experience in Retail Guide: Strategies and the Future of CX

Before the digital age, customer experience in retail was a completely different world. Success depended on creating an excellent physical environment for shoppers. Businesses focused on product arrangement, purchasing/return processes, and employee helpfulness. These elements, and others, are still significant today, of course. Where and how they take place has changed, of course. But the […]

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3 Feb 2023
Improve Your Customer Service with a Customer Experience Audit Checklist

Civil rights activist Maya Angelou once said that people will forget what you said or did but will always remember how you made them feel. This is especially true when it comes to serving your customers. Customer service in the 21st century is not just the prerogative of one specific department but of every business […]

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27 Jan 2023
Measuring Customer Satisfaction: Tips and Techniques

Let’s face it – measuring customer satisfaction is no easy feat. It’s crucial to understand what your customers are thinking, but it can often be difficult to pin down the specifics of their opinions and experiences with your business. That’s why we’re here to help! This comprehensive guide will take you step-by-step through the essential […]

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6 Jan 2023
The Ultimate Guide: How to Build a Customer Experience Department

Understanding customers is a key step to success, and organizations do it best when they have a customer experience department in place. This department is tasked with analyzing customer experience and data and disseminating its findings to improve the organization’s processes, products, and services. Furthermore, customers remember their good and bad experiences with brands. Having […]

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20 Jan 2023
Survey Design Best Practices And Guidelines

Carlos Del Corral shares tips and best practices on how to create surveys that will not only increase your response-rates but also give you more insightful responses.

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3 Jan 2023
What is tNPS? Understanding Transactional NPS

Consumers today are more vocal than ever, and they’re not afraid to voice their opinions. Moreover, to successfully navigate today’s highly competitive landscape, businesses must understand exactly what customers think of them – and that means diving deep into customer experience data.  One tool businesses can use to capture valuable insights is the transactional Net […]

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2 Jan 2023